Friday, November 28, 2008

go look at this! OMG!

This is the place you go past every time you go to my house. As much as I have not felt a part of this town, I feel terrible for the employees and family of the business. this was early this morning. Thank goodness I am gone. I would be freaking out if I was there. they evacuated part of the neighborhood. and the clinic. Eric is fine. but my heart really goes out to the employees and owners of Merit Enterprises.

and India. good lord. the pain I feel today is indescribable. I watched an interview with a man who escaped and the terrorists knocked on his door and he didnt answer. he would likely have been killed if he had answered. he knew only one person in India and knew where he was so he didnt answer the door. A 13 year old girl and her father, a rabbi, were killed. so sad. India is such a fascinating place. the people of India that I have met were always kind and I feel for the country and its people, as well as the families of the victims, wherever they may be from. My heart is just so heavy today.

bittney spears

I heard this new song on the radio last night by BS. It was not impressive. My 4 year old comes up with more original lyrics when she is dancing around making up songs about the dog.

I went to the big sales today. Menards was an absolute MADHOUSE. I waited in line to check out longer than I spent shopping. but I got some good stuff. I decided I am too nice to go to this thing any more. I am not a knockerdowner gimme what I want DAMMIT! kind of girl. I say please and thank you without even thinking about it. I help people who appear to need it. I am just not bitchy enough. so there you have it. I am just too kind to shop on Black Friday.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

this made me cry

Friday, November 14, 2008

over a barrell

her attorney will NOT respond. she tried. we tried. so we are deadlocked. and again the court has been cancelled because the attorney has failed to serve us AGAIN. I am so fking sick of this whole thing. The ex wants to settle. we want to settle. yet her attorney stands in the way because he refuses to DO anything. meanwhile all of our life plans have to sit on hold. I am so sick of being on hold. when does my life start?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new baby

my friend from residency just had a baby boy. he has down's syndrome. and a host of other medical issues. she has 5 other children including one adopted from Guatemala(who brought his own health issues when he came home). I sure wish we lived closer to her. she was so helpful to me when I was pregnant and after Maia was born and I was released without baby. She got my kids from school when I was in labor. and kept them. she kept them when we went to russia, twice. she was my shoulder when I lost my baby. she was the one I called when I was having an irrational hormonal mother moment while still in the hospital after having Maia. She dropped everything and came over to the hospital to make sense for me. I know she is in a tough place right now. I wish I could be closer to help.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

room change is DONE

I need only to get a bed frame for ethan. but all of the furniture is in the room it belongs. Maia is not doing well with the change. Even though its been slow going and taken nearly a week to complete. she doesnt want to sleep down there. and the bunks we had are apparently recalled so I cant get rid of them. I cant use them either. can I recycle them?


12 years ago this morning(323 am) Little pouty face Chrysta arrived sucking her thumb. We had cake to celebrate. and her favorite dinner. When I was a kid we got to choose where to go for a birthday dinner. We instead let them choose the birthday dinner they want me to cook. They all pick tuna hot dish. ask them any day of the week what they want and they say tuna hot dish.  but it is hard to believe 12 years have gone by so fast.

If she is 12 that means E and I have been together for 10.  That is impressive too, where does the time go?

this is how they hunt apparently

deer hunter

MIL a little nasty. why am I not "grown up" for wanting children I can take care of and can afford to feed and clothe and house? I should grow up? Since when did the MIL decide what the family does? the family does what the family does and MIL either likes it or not but doesnt get to decide.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

busy busy busy

only one room to go! and its an easy one! Cody is all set up in his new room all his own. I think he will like that. he has shared a room with Ethan for years. Ethan dumps his stuff on the floor DAILY. This way Ethan can have HIS own space too. he can play in his room(when he shared a room he coudlnt really play in there)and he will be closer to mama so that works out good too. Maia is the unexpected hitch in all of this. she doesnt WANT to move to the basement. I guess I could put her and Ethan in the bunks but I SO WANT TO BE RID OF THOSE! THey were never the ones I wanted. They were just what I could afford at the time.

So tomorrow's line up looks like this: move the girls bed to the basement and then cook squash and peel apples.

our oven door will no longer close all the way. so I have to cook the squash in the microwave. I dont know what happened to the oven door but it leaks BAD and I can stick my fingers right in between the door and the frame easy no problem. thats a pretty big gap. so now I need a new stove I guess. It is really about time but this isnt good timing as the fridge needs replacing too. the handle keeps coming off and both are about 15-20 years old and not in the best of shape any more. grrrr.

Friday, November 7, 2008

he was here all day last saturday and guess who just showed up for the evening.

Will it be a long night or will they show up to take him home?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

AAAARRGGGHh!!! i hate linxsys! My router stopped working. I had to find time to return it to st cloud. I finally did and guess what? the BRAND NEW ONE I got doesnt work. And I dont mean it doesnt route, it doesnt even turn ON! I plugged it into several outlets. nothing on any of them. NO POWER! now when am I going to get back to st cloud again?


a heart shaped pickle

a red bookshelf that is just what I was looking for.

a bald eagle

a lot of rain

possible beds for the boys

a crabby husband

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

while some of use this morning were THRILLED to pieces with the events of last night it seemed to me that one was out of sorts. Something was up. was it the election? I dont know. Maybe my Obama tshirt made her uncomfortable. or maybe since there were no other of her godly friends there she felt out of place. I wonder what was on her mind. I dont want her to feel left out, but at the same time I dont want to be insulted either. so I hope she was just having an off day.


waking up this morning knowing you will be president of the united states. Imagine waking up next to your partner knowing he will be POTUS. Imagine the smiles on the facces of those little girls as they wake up knowing that their father was elected to the highest office in our country.

I know there was a lot of rejoicing across our great nation last night. My family woke me to tell me. I just couldnt stay awake. My friends called. People in Chicago's Grant Park rejoiced with screams and shrieks. History was made. Our future looks bright.

Today I will wear my Obama shirt. I can't just stop supporting the man now that he was elected. The people have spoken. I look forward to a future different from our past.

on a side note in the paper today was a quote from Ayers. he talked about palin saying the Obama palled around with terrorists(or soemthing on that order) and his response was what does that mean? Does that mean sharing a milkshake with two straws or something like that? which cracked me up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

4H cookout

well the holy mackerel people were there. she(the mom) yelled at my kid. that doesnt make me happy. then she let her 2-3 year old go ahead and roast himself a marshmallow in the fire while she visits. she was rude and snotty to me. she only came to me talking all sweet to tell me that she was starting up a choir. I am thankfully not looking for more activities. LESS activities would be good.

and I found out that band at school has started. Chrysta has been taking lessons with the band teacher all summer under the premise she would start in the band. she told me it woule be oct or early nov. but the teacher never informed us of startup! it started several weeks ago! but she kept giving lessons each week. What the heck is up with THAT?

overall I think the cookout was a success. We went through 60!hotdogs and pretty much everything else that was brought. There were TONS of kids and parents. We tried to do this about 3 other times. we had to cancel when I was in the hospital in the spring. and the time before that it rained for like 2 weeks before and rained like the devil the day of. We had to cancel. so everyone was happy to finally have it. The kids even got in a game of kick the can.

ps car, sorry you missed it.


awwwww. Obama's Gramma died. That is too bad. I bet she wanted to live to see her grandson win the election. how sad. and what a lousy time for Obama to have this happen. Kind of takes his mind off of the important work of fighting for the office of president. but I like to think that she will visit him at a later date and let him know that she is well where she is. I sure hope he wins. It will be a momentous joyous occasion for sure!

Jen called me today and guess what I get to do? I get to find out the unofficial tally and call it in tomorrow night to jen with the dfl. This is the first time I have been at all involved in the political process. YEsterday was knocking on doors, we went to rallys for GKJ. we have signs in our yard. and now the unofficial tally.

I sure hope Obama wins. I sure hope Gail Kulick Jackson wins. I hope Lisa Fobbe wins. I sure hope Michelle Bachman gets voted out by a million!


last night I watched part of Titanic. The end. It was horrible. Disturbing. as always. I sobbed. as always. I looked up the list of victims. It didnt include nearly as many children as the movie depicted. It was still heartwrenching. I first saw the movie in theaters with my ex husband when it came out. I cried then, I cried every time I have seen it since then. There is a scene where a mother in steerage is tucking in her small children and telling them a story until they fall asleep while all around them chaos ensues, water rushing in. I just can't imagine the horror a mother would feel knowing that there was nothing she could do to prevent her children from being drowned. Knowing full well they would die. My heart just bursts with the horror of it all. I cant stand to think that something could happen to MY babies.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


we went knocking on doors in Milaca for Gail Kulick Jackson. Most people werent home but we walked a LONG WAYS and talked to a few and left Obama and Jackson flyers at all the others. We also got a OBAMA SIGN for our yard!! YAY! Even if there are only a couple days left, we gotta support our man!

We took the kids to Hardee's for lunch as payment for their service = )

Eric took big Ole for a little hunt. Ole was so excited to go. Ethan was too tired to go after walking all over Milaca. usually he cant WAIT to hunt with dad. but today we couldnt talk him into it. so Eric went alone.

Now its relax time until dinner. The big kids are doing dishes. Since Chrysta had a temper tantrum this morning she isnt going anywhere and cant use the computer, watch tv or use the phone. She almost had her password back for her email but now I will change it again. seems to make an impression on her. at least for a little while.

My feet are tired.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ode to chaos

Eric in his flannels and I in nightgown
had just settled in after a night on the town.
When at the front door arose such a clatter
I jumped to my feet to see what was the matter.
I put on a robe and pulled back the shade
turned on the light and out the window gazed.
and what to my wondering eyes should appear?
but a big brown dog who shouldn't be here.
My dog starts to bark and the other joins in
they tell us quite loudly this isn't their friend.
They bark and bark no end in sight
I can tell right away it will be a long night.
We used to call for his family to get him
but when they dont come he just wants to come in.
He was quite a nice boy but boy his manners, they stunk
as did his fur since his run in with skunk.
So we turned out the light and went back to bed
listening to the barking filling our head.
We knew come morning he would be gone
but he will be back, he's never gone long.
Why don't we keep him? He thinks he lives here.
but we have two dogs already and they just won't share.
so we drift off to dream and think well, that's that
but we always know, he will be back.
Another day or another night
when its dark or when its light
he will be back for a visit or two
in winter summer spring and fall too.
That's the story of Chaos, not so hard to tell
It's really quite easy, we know it so well.