Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I added another facet to this

This is my opinion blog. I added a home school blog as well. Hopefully I can use it to keep track of what we do around here.

so lets see....any burning opinions today? how about why does everyone want to drop their kid into an activity and then sit back and have a hands off approach while letting someone else do all the work? Does it occur to them that the people who DO step up and run this stuff have lives and stress and business as well? but still they run the program for YOUR kids so YOU can do nothing. what if everyone did nothing? what if we all sat back and no one put a program out there? then what would they do? they would have to sit at home with their OWN kids and parent them. Heavens! cant have that! I am tired. I am tired of being the only parent who steps up to the plate. I have two girl scout troops. I coach soccer now. I even took on making a curriculum for preschoolers at church. (I gave that one up though)I am a 4H parent. Where are the parents of these other kids? there are 6 girls in one of my troops, and ONE mom regularly comes to the meetings and sits there doing nothing. the rest don't bother to help out in any way except to bring snack once a year. The other troop has 7 girls. One other mom is my co leader. the other moms? nonexistent. nothing. Nada. snack once a year is the biggest commitment they can make to their children. If it takes a village to raise a child, that's because the parents don't raise them leaving the village to take over because SOMEONE has to raise the kids. they don't raise themselves. In your average family the kids go to school 8 hours a day where someone else looks after them, to sports or scouts or the library after school where someone else looks after them. then its dinner and bed. or dinner and more clubs/sports. why then are we the home school parents the weirdos when we choose to actually RAISE our children ourselves? we spend time with our kids getting to know them, teaching them, watching them grow. we aren't sending them out into the world for schools and other programs to parent them, teach them, watch them grow. If our kids are involved in something WE are involved in it. Like I said, children won't raise themselves. It's me or society that helps to dictate who they will become. I have seen the kids who have been shaped by school and no parents. I want better for my kids. I will be their parent, mentor, guide, teacher, and everything else. It is the most important job I will ever have. I have to put my all into it. I can't afford to fail.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's the deal?

why do people get so upset about the Native people following their traditions? I hear derogatory statements on thist topic here and there and even quoted in the paper from time to time. I think its good for them to hold on to their old ways. The world would be a very different place if the rest of us held on to the ways of our ancestors. I do not begrudge the native people their ways. They were here first. If this is to be a "land of the free" that means that everyone should be able to follow their traditions without grief from others. No one is standing at your church doors on sunday saying "there is no God! you are wasting your time! You shouldnt spend your money here." There is a song out by some popular band that says if everyone shared and everyone cared and no body cried and nobody lied. or something to that effect. think about what a different world this would be if we spent our energies supporting each other instead of tearing each other down. Next time you want to say "Those damn Indians ....." stop and think what someone could say about you....."Those damn drunks at the muni." " that bigot!" " that tramp" etc etc etc ad nauseum. I do not spent much time with anyone of the native culture, but only because our paths havent crossed. I welcome native people to move into my neighborhood, or even right next door. I would love to learn more about their ways.