Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so police and police dog respond to armed man drinking in the alley. man starts shooting and they shoot him dead. in the process, one of THEIR bullets hit the dog. and now dog and officers are up for medals? makes perfect sense. shoot someone dead and get rewarded. they couldnt shoot him in the arm or leg or do something else to difuse the situation? no they shot him dead. how noble.

Monday, September 7, 2009

we are in Germany

we had to go through security TWICE here. Once after exiting our flight from US to Frankfurt before being allowed to go to the concourse. then again before going into the specific gate. seems kind of redundant but I figured as long as I had to dig my lap top out of my bag AGAIN I might as well make a post!  We are tired but not exhausted. we did sleep a little on the flight from US.  Between babies crying we did.  There were several young babies and once one started crying others started in. one cried for most of the trip. I felt so bad for the mom and for the little one who was obviously NOT HAPPY with this whole travel thing!  Didnt bother me any. I just tuned it out. It is 130m back home and  830am here.  I finished the book  Twilight and loooooooved it and had to buy the second book, new moon. I am about half way through new moon. I love it. Might have to pick up the next one while we travel(if I can find it in english)Our feet are all swelled up and I had to loosen my sandals a notch to get them back on my feet after the long flight.  We munched our way across the ocean with Lufthansa.  We have a 955 flight to our final destination. Hopefully someone will be there to meet us, and we will have a place to stay. I never heard anything from the girl helping us with our adoption as to where we should stay or if she  found something or we should find something. Everyone keeps telling me this will work out and the girl who is helping us is very busy but she will be on it. Let us hope they are right.  So tomorrow we have an appointment and then I hope its off to P-town after there. not sure how that works.  Just wanted to let everyone know we made it across the pond.