Wednesday, August 27, 2008

best buy visit

looked at laptops. decided to check out a router for the laptop I have. Waited and waited while several sales people attended to two flighty yet pretty young women who were asking things like how many computers can I put on a wireless connection? How do I hook it up? Do I need internet service? (yeah in the way you need blood to have a heart attack)I am sorry I am not a pretty young thing. I never was. I never had young men fawning for my attention. but hey this is best buy not a popularity contest! they are getting PAID to pay attention to overweight women with children who have MONEY TO SPEND as well as flighty young girls who dont buy anything (and true to form, they didnt buy a thing) All it would have taken was a little nudge and I would have bought a 700+ dollar laptop. instead I bought a 70 dollar router and left with bad feelings about best buy. ONE salesperson attending to them and I would have patiently waited. THREE and I am pissed off. I guess I am just cranky lately. but I am cranky with money to spend and now I will spend it somewhere else.

edited to add: I tried emailing the customer service dept. no go. I filled in all the blanks but it would not accept my letter. I guess if you dont get ANY mail you wont get any negative feedback. I called them and guess what? the wait time to complain is FIVE MINUTES! way to put the customer satisfaction at the top of your priorities best buy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

testing. what happened to my other posts?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I dreamt last night I had a baby boy and He was very early and they kept him in a dryer(no really a dryer, not an incubator) and I didnt go to him and when I finally did I was crushed with guilt and held him and cried and cried and vowed to never leave him again. He looked so much like sheamas. of course in the next scene I wasnt with him I was on my way to see him. so I guess I left anyways huh? And I wanted them to put cloth diapers on him and they didnt have any so I had to make my own or bring my own. wierd. But Kristin was there and comforting me with her little girl. (she doesnt have a little girl, she has two little boys and isn't even prego)

Friday, August 22, 2008

It really isnt fair. It isnt fair at all. I dont care what anyone says, it isnt fair. I dont want to play the game anymore. I quit. We can't all be so selfish and self absorbed that we lose sight of our children and the other children of the world. Someday when she is lying alone and is REALLY sick she will MAYBE think back and be sorry and wish she hadnt been such a bitch and that her children would come and visit. or maybe not. even then it will be oh woe is me, poor me. someone ELSE take care of everything for me. I cant POSSIBLY do anything.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh lets see. what can I go on about today. well, not much because I am too exhausted from cleaning my house all day. but boy its amazing how nice and clean it looks now. kitchen livingroom and dining room all tidied and clean clean clean. maia even mopped the floor. she loves to do that with the swiffer. now if I could just get the dog to stop slobbering all over the kitchen when he has a drink of water.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It is a chilly day

The kind of day you want to curl up in bed with a fluffy comforter and a good book. And since I am all kinds of behind in my book reading I am hoping for a chance to do just that.

My mother told me the doctor that delivered my oldest daughter just up and died. she was 51. scary. I liked having a woman doctor for my delivery. Not that I much minded the man doctor who delivered my son. I just think that the women doctors who delivered my daughters have a better sense of what is going on on MY side of the bed. They have been there. they know. they understand. They have felt my pain. They were soothing and calm with me. (although I did NOT find the female nurses in the labor and delivery of my son to be soothing at ALL!) I remember so clearly the moment in delivering my youngest daughter where I snapped at my husband and doctor to SHUT UP! They were good friends and colleagues. I was also her friend but didnt spend nearly as much time with her as he did in working alongside of her. They fell into a familiar banter and I was feeling "hey! this is about ME dammit!" and I snarled at them to shut up. I generally do not speak to my husband that way. It isnt me. He still laughs about it. anyways, Dr English thanks for all you did. I appreciated you being there. I hope wherever you are now is even better.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My letter to my senator

Dear Senator,
I am writing to you about the lack of legislation regarding spousal maintenance, also known as alimony. There are many guidelines and rules for child support, but almost nothing for alimony. My husband's now ex wife came back SIX years after their divorce and convinced a judge she needed alimony. He had since remarried, added several children as well as worked hard to further his education. She did not support him through his schooling. We, his new family, did. She does not have minor children at home(nor did she when the ruling was handed down.) In fact, she handed care of their then minor child over to someone else.

While I fully support mandatory child support, I feel that alimony is too easily given with few guidelines. It is almost solely at the discretion of the judge. There is no consideration that we are also putting the children of that marriage through college. I am all for supporting the children, but as long as alimony is so freely given many parents will have to choose between sending their kids to college or supporting an ex spouse. Please do what you can to bring about some new legislation regarding Alimony. As it stands now, it amounts to legalized polygamy. Please help our future generations by providing laws that will benefit everyone, not just the ex spouse who wants alimony.


when a marriage ends shouldnt it END? whats with having to support the other spouse for years to come with no end in sight? If it was someone who had no job skills and stayed home taking care of the family, then I could see temporary help until they retrain. but just open ended FOREVER? that is just highway robbery. AND the court is instructed not to consider the new family and subsequent children. I feel this is extremely unfair. as far as the court is concerned we do not exist. so they say ok Mr. Man makes 10 gazillion dollars a year and his expenses are only 9 gazillion. what is he doing with that other gazillion? give it to the now ex Mrs. Man. oh you mean he wants to put his children through college? too bad. pay up buster or we will make YOU PAY. There is hardly any legislation for alimony/spousal maintenance. and dammit it sucks being the NEW Mrs. Man and having to live your life in the shadow of the old Mrs. Man. I hope someday she will get hers. on this plane or the next, what goes around comes around.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A day at the fair

the babies are exhausted (husband included). The two little ones napped on the way home and husband is napping now. I thought since he napped yesterday it might be my turn today but I guess not.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

this is what bugs me about the Christian right

There is a christian group that apparently has some objections to sex on tv programs because the characters arent married. if they do not want this to influence their kids then by all means TURN OFF THE TV. its a parent's right to do just that. It is not a parent's right to make sure that they protect every person in the country from things that go against THEIR values. I personally do not allow my kids to watch ANY shows with sex acts, implied or otherwise, married or single characters. problem solved. But do I ram MY values down YOUR throats? We dont watch violence either. but do I insist you raise your child that way? You just take care of your kid, and let me take care of mine. I dont need you to "guide" me. I am doing just find all on my own thankyouverymuch. I dont need to be saved from myself. I dont need to be saved from hell. What I NEED is for people to realize their faith is just that, THEIR faith, not necessarily mine. Do I try to make you conform to my atheism? nope. Atheists just go about their business and fight against being discriminated against. they do not ring doorbells and tell you about the joy of not knowing Jesus. They do not press you to unsave your soul. I just need people to realize that they need to do whats right for them and respect that it might not be right for others.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today is 4h day at the fair

the kids are scrambling to get their projects finished. One is making cookies, one is making cake. Why didnt I have 4H when I was a kid. I would have loved to make things to put in the fair. It really sucks that the fairgrounds are an HOUR from here at LEAST. and we have to go via cambridge to get a matting for Chrysta's photos. I was sure I had one but I cant find it anywhere. I dont know if I tossed it, rummage saled it, or its still here somewhere. So they are doing foods, arts and crafts, and photography. One was doing plant science but didnt do a project for that. No one is doing info board this year. thats good because after they work so hard on it they are never quite good enough. it seems they WANT them to do info boards but they dont like them as much as actual hands on projects.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a forgotten intuitive moment

when I lived in Duluth I had two little kids. I was taking them to the library, The big library downtown. We lived in the western part of the city. My options were to take the freeway, or take the other roads. It was a nice sunny spring/summer day so I took the route less traveled. When we got to a fairly busy intersection there was much slowed traffic, a traffic cop, and an accident ahead. I slowly drove past when it was my turn only to realize the person was sitting in the car that had been hit by a dump truck who failed to stop at a stop sign. The car was seriously messed up. The driver looked annoyed more than anything. She was sitting in the passenger seat with the door open waiting for police to do their thing. That woman was my mother. I pulled into the gas station that is right near there and left the kids locked in the car(which I rarely did, but I couldnt take them with me so what choice did I have?) No one even attempted to stop me from entering the scene. I found my mom and hugged her and asked if she was alright. she was. If I had taken the freeway I would never have even seen there was an accident.

Monday, August 4, 2008

the sense of entitlement and worry that one is working harder than the other is really annoying. No one bothers to think of how much I do. not even today. today they carry on like fools. no one has said the words. I dont care about gifts. I just want to hear the words. I want them to think of someone other than themselves for a change when I sacrifice everything for them. all my energy, all my money, all my time. all for them.