Tuesday, September 30, 2008

public school mentality


I had something to say here

and now I cant remember it. One week till we go to Chicago. I guess I ought to start thinking about what to bring and get a book to read on the train. 8 hours on a train should provide plenty of time for reading. I probably wont read a word though because I will be too busy looking out the window or talking to my husband. When we went to Mexico for about a week we each brought only a backpack. I dont think we can get by with that again though. When we went to Mexico we met a family of 4 from the states. Mom, Dad, and two daughters. They had a total of 12 bags. TWELVE! We didnt even have that much luggage traveling home from Russia with a toddler! I have to think about some snacks to take on the train. We will eat probably in the dining car at some point but I am sure its overpriced! so i want to be prepared with something to eat. Since we arent leaving/entering a country we can take fruit. We did take fruit when we went to Russia, but we knew it would be gone before we got there, and it was. I am looking forward to going to Chicago but I wish Eric was going to be with me all the time instead of at his conference. Maybe there will be some other wives there. It is fun to make new friends.

Friday, September 26, 2008

youcan win a free handbag!

go to handbagplanet.com and you can enter to win a free handbag. they are giving one away every hour for twenty four hours on their grand opening. You can enter without giving them much personal info and no credit card required. Go there and enter. You even get to choose the handbag you like best!

september beach day, try THAT in public school!

A beautiful day on the beach! at the end of September!! The kids were swimming and playing in the sand and on the slide. They had a great time. Moms had a great time chatting about everything from Sarah Palin to Waldorf schools and everything in between and beyond. A very nice afternoon for all. I have absolutely nothing to rage on about today. A bit of vitamin D exposure does wonders for me. = )

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


my friend posted about religion. this always gets me going. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with anyone else's choice to be religious. It just never stops there. they feel they have the right to tell me what I should believe. and also tell me how to live my life so I follow THEIR rules of faith. I should not have an abortion because they dont believe its right. I shouldnt do this or that because it isnt right in their eyes. I think a lot of people make choices that turn out badly and could have taken a different road and had another outcome, but I dont think that is the same as my saying I dont believe in X therefore neither can you. No one is perfect. we all make bad choices from timem to time. Freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion. Today I had an experience with religion, we were talking about PS and how things have gone downhill there. and one person said something about how they couldnt send their kids to PS because there are so many divorces going on and its just too bad in the public schools, (as if divorce in and of itself makes you bad, and beyond that a bad parent!) another concurred that Satan is really having a hey day. I was really hurt! I am divorced. I am married to a divorcee as well. The fact that our first marriages to other people didnt work out does not mean we did not try, does not mean we are bad people, does not mean we are bad parents. On the contrary I think we are BETTER people and BETTER parents because of it. It was just one of those bad choices I mentioned. This is where I start to think organised religion is about making yourself feel better at someone else's expense. anyone who doesnt believe what you believe is "less" in their eyes. Not to mention people of God seem to "know it all." hell we couldnt have evolved! I dont care how much proof you have! And God wouldnt create a world that man could destroy! therefore global warming must be a myth. man I could go on all day about this topic. I totally respect people's right to religion, but why cant they respect my right to NOT have religion.

Monday, September 22, 2008

interesting book

I saw it on trading spouses. it was called fascinating womanhood(or something like that)

its about how the man is the the MAN of the house and you the wife have to be submissive to him. sort of the 50s throwback.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


my(oldest) baby boy will be 14.


when will it be over? this is dragging on and on. I am sick to death of the entire thing. its been going on for 2 years~! I want it to be done! I dont want to sit and wonder anymore. I just want to go about my own business and not worry and wonder when it will backfire. I want it DONE! stick a fork in me I am DONE DONE DONE~!