Wednesday, June 17, 2009

conversations with maia

mama? what is this scar for?
its from my surgery.
when they took out your baby bones?
uhh no from when they took out my gallbladder.
your ballbladder? why did they take out your ballbladder? mama whats a ballbladder?

she knows I had my "baby making parts" removed but keeps calling it my baby bones because bones are the only part of the body she really can reference or understand. she doesnt know about all those other squishy parts so it must have been bones.

Monday, June 1, 2009

4H meeting

Ethan was so good tonight at 4H. the strattera is working great for him. and being 7 is helping too. he was a little goofy but NO more goofy and loud than any other kid there. It helped that they played kick ball for like half hour when we got there. wore him out a little. We had birthday cake tonight for him. Chocolate cake and chocolaate frosting. he loved it.